A must have app for Muslim kids.

ِAn interactive and engaging way of teaching your kids the story of Prophet Muhammad (s).


The Sira

An interactive journey through the life of Prophet Muhammad (s) for kids.

The Sira App aims to introduce the magnificent life story of the greatest man to ever walk the earth - Prophet Muhammad (s) to children. We want children to learn about the life of Prophet Muhammad (s) in an engaging and enjoyable manner. The Sira App is animated and interactive.

Given the misconceptions and stereotypes about Prophet Muhammad (s), we believe it is important for children to learn about the life story, unique characteristics and universal values of Prophet Muhammad (s). We hope to inspire future generations with these values of honesty, trustworthiness and loyalty.

The Sira App has been developed in a way in which parents and children can both enjoy learning about the life of Prophet Muhammad (s). We are constantly improving and enhancing our work to make sure we exceed the expectations of our audience.

The main events surrounding the life of Prophet Muhammad (s) in the Sira App were approved by prominent and credible authorities. All these events are considered to be authentic and true. The illustration and environment had been tailor made to fit the application and might not be 100% accurate. The Sira App does not contain illustrations of Prophet Muhammad (s) and some of the Companions.

The General Authority of the Islamic Affairs & Endowments (UAE) has issued a legal opinion which guided the content of the Sira App.